Give As You Earn

By supporting your favourite charity through the Charities Aid Foundation ‘Give As You Earn’ scheme:

  • The charity benefits from a regular source of income enabling them to plan effectively.
  • Both you and your charity benefit from tax free donations.
  • You have full control over your giving, with the convenience of donations being made directly from your salary.

The table below illustrates the amount your chosen donation will cost you, taking into account the appropriate tax savings

Your pledge (gross)

Cost to you (20% tax)

Cost to you (40% tax)










The Charities Aid Foundation will apply a small administration charge to your donation prior to it being forwarded to your charity.

Your charity must be recognised as either a charity or voluntary organisation by the Inland Revenue to be eligible to receive donations through Give as You Earn. These can include places of worship, schools, Scout and Girl Guide groups, NHS hospitals etc.

If you are unsure whether your chosen charity is eligible, please contact the Charities Aid Foundation on 01732 520 055 or visit their website

NTU offer two Give As You Earn schemes:

A - Charity Account
You can open your own CAF Charity Account with a minimum monthly payment of £10.

You will receive a charity card and a charity cheque book which allows you to make donations from your charity account, to any charity at any time.

You can also make donations online, over the telephone, by post or set up standing orders.

B - Direct Donation
The direct donation facility allows you to nominate the charity or charities that will benefit from your regular donations (no minimum donation amount applies), which will then be deducted directly from your gross pay.

To sign up to either scheme please click on the ‘Join’ button which will take you to the CAF website.

Please be aware that NTU is registered with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) who operate a Give As You Earn (GAYE) service on the University’s behalf. By signing up to this service and accepting the CAF Terms and Privacy Notice, you agree to your data being used by CAF.