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Supporting Charities  Header Image

Supporting Charities

Give As You Earn
Support your favorite charity with a regular donation paid through our registered payroll scheme. Your monthly donation is deducted directly from your gross pay, so for basic rate tax payers every £1 you give only costs you 80p, and costs even less for higher rate tax payers.

Every Penny Counts (and Pounds Count Too)
By rounding your net pay down to the nearest pound, your spare pennies will be donated directly to the John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre. For example, if you receive pay of £1,234.56 per month, Payroll would deduct 56p from your salary – meaning you receive £1,234.00, and the John Van Geest Centre receive 56p to help fund cancer research.

You can also choose to make a regular monthly donation from your net pay.