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You can apply for your Mango card throughout the year. The cut-off date for requests is the 1st of each month and the benefit will be available from the 1st of the following month (e.g. requests received by 1st November will be valid from 1st December with salary deductions commencing from December's pay). We will email you to confirm when you can collect your card from the Victoria Centre Bus Station.  Upon receipt you must register your Mango card at to validate it. If you already own a Mango card you can continue to use this until all money loaded has been used, and then register and use your new card bought via My Benefits.  

The cost is spread over 12 monthly instalments deducted from your net pay.  You can calculate the amount of your monthly instalments by dividing the amount you load onto your Mango card by 12 (months). If you wish to add additional money to your Mango card during this 12 months period this can be done via your on-line Mango account, with a debit card.  When your 12 months travel period is due to expire we will contact you requesting you submit a further benefit selection form, confirming the new amount you wish to load onto your Mango card, if you wish to continue using it.

Due to the nature of the Mango card cancellation is not possible, and it will remain valid until all money loaded onto it has been used.

Leaving NTU
You must notify us by completing an online benefit selection form. You can continue to use your Mango card until all money loaded onto it has been used. We will deduct any outstanding balance owed by you from your final net pay, however, where this is not possible you will receive an invoice for the outstanding amount.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards
If your card is lost or stolen you must contact Trent Barton immediately on 01773 712265 and a replacement card will be issued at a cost of £3, payable by you. Your previous card will be invalidated at midnight on the day that the loss or damage is reported, and any remaining balance will be transferred to your new card. 

Please email or call Trent Barton on 01773 712265 with specific travel related queries.

If you have any questions about buying or cancelling your Saver card please contact us. All specific travel related questions should be directed to Trent Barton.