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You can save £75 per year if you travel regularly via tram and pay for your travel on a monthly basis, by buying an annual ‘Tram2Work’ season ticket through My Benefits. 

You benefit from buying the lower cost annual season ticket, costing £475, but don’t have to pay for a year’s travel up front. NTU buys the card for you and you repay the money in 12 monthly instalments of £39.59 direct from your net pay. 

Having the season ticket gives you unlimited travel on the entire Nottingham tram network, and also means no more queuing for tickets and quick boarding at stops.

How do I select a new card?


If you would like to obtain a a travel card for NET Tram please complete a benefit selection form.


Update - September 2021


Can I cancel my NET Tram travel card?


Tickets purchased are non-refundable. However, under certain circumstances, refunds will be considered.

These could be;

  • Circumstances beyond the customer’s control (theft, loss of employment or for medical reasons)
  • Where there has been a failure of NET’s ticketing systems which has caused monetary loss.

All refunds will be considered on a case by case basis.

Any refunds that are paid will be made based on the value of the journey period that has been made had the benefit of the reduced price ticket not been available. For more information please visit the NET Tram website.

Can I pause my card?

NET Tram have removed the option to pause your card. If you have already paused your card then this will remain in place and you will be able to add any unused travel on to your card once you start travelling again. When you are ready to travel again, please contact NET Tram by email ( or phone (0115 824 6060) to arrange for the additional days to be added. Don't forget that your monthly deductions from pay will continue but you will not need to renew your travel card until you have used up the additional days. 

If you no longer wish to pause your card, please follow the instructions above to cancel your card.