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Cycle to Work Header Image

Cycle to Work

Demand for bikes from bike shops/online retailers is very high and you may find some bikes and/or equipment are unfortunately not available. You are strongly encouraged to ensure your chosen bike is available before applying for a certificate.

Increase your fitness levels, save money on travel and parking costs, help reduce traffic congestion and pollution are just some of the many benefits of cycling to work.

NTU offers a cycle to work scheme where you may save money on the cost of a new cycle, safety and security equipment. Once you have chosen your cycle and/or any eligible equipment, we buy the items requested and lease them to you for a period of 12 months. At the end of the hire period Cyclescheme will contact you about your options. You can find further information in the FAQs or on the Cyclescheme website.

This scheme operates under a salary sacrifice arrangement so your 12 monthly deductions are not subject to tax and National Insurance. The ‘Select this benefit’ button will take you directly to the Cyclescheme website for further information and online application.

Before you select this benefit, please read through our FAQs where you can find further information. You can also find further information on the Cyclescheme website.

Please note: claims can’t be processed if they contain requests for equipment that is not specifically for safety or security purposes.