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Terms and Conditions

Further information about your membership can be found in the Terms and Conditions and the Health Commitment.  You can read about how your data will be used through the Privacy Statement.   

Enrolment is open throughout the year. The cut-off date for requests is the 1st of each month and the benefit will be available from the 1st of the following month (e.g. requests received by 1st November will be valid from 1st December with salary deductions commencing from December's pay). If you wish to include membership for family members, please also include/provide their details on an online benefit selection form. 

The NTU Sport Team will send a confirmation to you when your membership has been activated. Membership will be electronically attached to your Staffcard, or a separate card for family members, which you will need to swipe to gain access to the gym or show at the gym reception to access exercise classes.  

Monthly instalments will be deducted from your net pay the month following receipt of your form. The deductions will include the cost of membership for family members. Your membership will continue unless you cancel your membership or leave the University.

Cancellation or Amendment
If you wish to amend or cancel your cover you must notify us by submitting a request via an online benefit selection form.

If you are leaving NTU, cancellation will be effective from the last day of your employment. 

Membership for Family Members
If you wish to apply for membership for a family member, please complete an online benefit selection form to provide their details. Please note that monthly instalments to pay for family membership will be deducted from your pay as outlined above.

Further information such as class timetables and how to book is available on the NTU Sports website. You can also contact them directly with specific queries:

  • City Gymemail or call 0115 848 4066
  • Clifton Gym - call on 0115 848 3219 
  • Southwell Leisure Centre - can be contacted on 01636 813 000 for further information on discounted membership for staff members based at Brackenhurst campus.

For questions about setting up or cancelling your membership, please contact us on the email below.