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Health Cashback Header Image

Health Cash Plan

Health Cash Plan

A health cash plan allows you to spread the cost of some of you and your family's everyday health expenses for a regular, monthly premium.  You can claim cashback when you pay for routine and emergency tests and treatment and therapies including:

  • optical
  • dental
  • physiotherapy
  • hospital in or out-patient appointment
  • maternity and paternity
  • hearing aids
  • health screening

The plan also covers a range of alternative therapies and health assessment, offers a 24 hours a day, seven days a week counselling and a GP helpline service.

Individual cover starts at just £5.98 per month, or you can buy cover for yourself and your whole family from £11.96 per month.  

Claims can be made as soon as cover starts, but restrictions do apply to hospital related claims for pre-existing conditions.  Please disregard any references to a 13 week qualifying period contained in standard documentation.  The University has negotiated for this qualifying period to be waived and benefit will commence immediately cover is provided, except for hospital and maternity claims.