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You can apply to join this benefit annually and your cover will be effective from 1 October. If you have recently joined NTU you can apply within the first two months of your employment. The cut-off date for requests is the 1st of each month and the benefit will be available from the 1st of the following month (e.g. requests received by 1st November will be valid from 1st December with salary deductions commencing from December's pay).

You must register any children eligible for free cover on the online benefit selection form, and include the details of your partner/spouse if you wish to purchase cover for them.

The cost is spread over 12 monthly instalments deducted from your net pay. You will not need to renew this benefit and instalments will continue unless you cancel your benefit or leave the University.

Cancellation and Amendment
If you wish to amend or cancel your cover you must notify us by submitting a request via an online benefit selection form. Due to the nature of this benefit, cancellation or amendment is only possible if you experience a life event (examples below), or at the end of the policy year during the annual enrolment window in September. If your amendment is to add or remove a family member please use the benefits selection form to request this.

Life events include:

  • Birth or adoption of child
  • Marriage or civil partnership
  • Divorce or dissolution of civil partnership
  • Death of spouse, partner or dependent child

If you are leaving NTU cancellation will be effective from the last day of your employment.

Cover Levels
Cover is bought in units providing £10,000 of cover per unit. The minimum level of cover available is £10,000, and the maximum is 4 x your annual salary (up to a maximum of £500,000). Your partner/spouse can obtain cover equal to, or less than, your cover level, up to a maximum of £100,000.

Claims Procedure
You must notify us as soon as possible in the event of a diagnosis, ideally within 21 days, and we will obtain a claim form on your behalf. Unum will not process claims received more than 90 days after the event/diagnosis. Please contact us by email if you wish to make a claim.

Please refer to the policy documents for further information relating to this insurance cover.

Please contact us with any queries about applying for, amending or cancelling this benefit.