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Employer - Salary Sacrifice Childcare Voucher

If you are an existing member of the employer childcare voucher scheme you can:

  • Remain in the scheme until you are no longer eligible
  • Leave the scheme at any time if the Government scheme is more cost effective

You will only leave the scheme if:

  • You change employer
  • You are no longer eligible
  • You make no salary deduction for a whole year
  • You serve your employer with notice.

Amendment or Cancellation

Due to the nature of this benefit, cancellation or amendment is only possible if you experience a life event, which include:

  • Change in childcare arrangements or child commences full time education
  • Birth or adoption of child
  • Marriage or civil partnership
  • Divorce or dissolution of civil partnership
  • Death of spouse, partner or dependent child
  • Commencement of or return from maternity leave
  • Partner/spouse made redundant
  • Moving house
  • Significant change in salary or working hours (+/- 20%)
  • Commencement of or return from unpaid leave, long term sickness absence, maternity leave

If you wish to amend or cancel your cover you must submit a request via the online benefit selection form by the 1st of the month and the amendment will be effective from the 1st of the following month (e.g. requests received by 1st November will be valid from 1st December).

Payment will be made to Fideliti who will credit the amount into your individual account on or before the 22nd of the effective month, after which you can transfer the payments to your childcare provider(s) by: 

  • Setting up an automated monthly payment of a fixed amount
  • Allocating electronic vouchers via your on-line account as and when required
  • Requesting personalised paper vouchers by post to give to your childcare provider, who can claim their payment from Fideliti 


If you are leaving NTU, cancellation will be effective from the last day of your employment. Any funds remaining in your voucher account will be available for you to use, however these are non-refundable.


You are entitled to receive vouchers up until the 1 September following your child’s 15th birthday (16th birthday for registered disabled children), to pay OFSTED registered or approved childcare providers including:

  • Nurseries and Playgroups
  • Child-minders
  • Nannies and Au Pairs
  • Before and after school clubs    
  • Day care
  • Independent nursery schools
  • Pre-schools
  • Holiday, sports and other activity club

You are entitled to the maximum value of vouchers outlined below, however deductions made to pay for your vouchers must not result in your salary falling below the National Minimum Wage. In these circumstances, we will contact you to discuss your application. 

Tax rate


Basic rate tax payer

£55 per week / £243 per month

Higher rate tax payer

£28 per week / £124 per month

Additional rate tax payer

£25 per week / £110 per month

If you have any questions about setting up or cancelling childcare vouchers, please contact us on the email below.  

You can also find more information and frequently asked questions in the Information Booklet, on the Fideliti website or by contacting Fideliti directly on 0800 288 8727.