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Childcare Vouchers

Update - 2021


If you are currently receiving childcare vouchers then these are the options available.


1. You can continue to receive your childcare vouchers and keep them for use once you can access the childcare setting again. Childcare vouchers do not have to be used each month and do not expire; or

2. You can stop your childcare vouchers by completing the online form on this page. Please note that as the scheme has now closed to new joiners, in order to remain in the scheme you must have a salary deduction for childcare vouchers made within 12 months of your last deduction; for example if your last deduction was April 2020 you would need to have had a deduction made from your March 2021 salary at the latest. You would therefore need to have applied by 1 February 2021 to re-enrol. After this time you will be classed as a new joiner and we will not be able to re-enrol you into the scheme.


Childcare Vouchers

As a parent or legal guardian of a child aged 15 and under, you're eligible to receive help with childcare costs through your employer if you are a current member of the childcare voucher scheme or the government's Tax-Free Childcare scheme.

Employer - Salary Sacrifice Childcare Vouchers

The childcare voucher scheme is closed to new entrants and has been replaced by the Government's new Tax-Free Childcare Scheme (TFC).  If you currently have childcare vouchers you can still amend and cancel your childcare vouchers through this site.

Government - Tax-free Childcare Scheme

For eligible families, the new Tax free Childcare Scheme (TFC) offers to cover 20% of childcare costs of up to £2000 per child, per year for children up to the age of 11 (£4000 for children up to the age of 16 who have a disability).

To qualify for the scheme, both parents or legal guardians must be working and each earning an average of £120 a week. Your employer has no involvement in this scheme; members open an online childcare account with the HMRC which they pay into. For every 80p paid in, the government will pay in an additional 20p subject to the maximum saving amounts. To find out more:

Please note: You can only be a member of one scheme; you can't benefit from both the Government scheme and Childcare Voucher scheme at the same time. If you are a current member of the childcare vouchers scheme and decide to join TFC instead, you must notify us within 90 days.